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Yo Teams: Azure App services Deployment error

It has been a while since I played around with generator-teams (Yeoman generator for Microsoft Teams), it was almost 6 months ago since I demoed the capabilities of this amazing open source project. This time I've created a quick project which includes a simple tab, my intention was to run it locally and also publish it to azure app services.

I was very straight forward process publishing the Teams tab to Azure app service using local Git repository and push my master branch to it. However, this time it wasn't the easy ride I expected.

I won't go through the abvious steps which is setting up your environment for nodejs development and installing the latest Yo Teams package (2.5 at the time of writing this post)
long story short, I created a new teams app with only a simple tab and created a new azure app service and added local git as a deployment option so I can push my code to it and achieve a very simple deployment to azure app services.

After the awesome generator created my artefacts, I've run local npm install and gulp build and it was rocking, everything was working fine locally. I initialised my git rep, added azure git as a remote (I called it azure very creative !), then I've pushed my master branch to azure. I was waiting for the magic successful deployment message but instead I get the following error

apparently by default the node and npm version used by app services are v0.10.40 and v1.4.28 which are relatively old and caused some errors in npm.

Using App settings you can set the nodejs version for the app service instance but I couldn't find a switch for npm which was the one actually causing the error above, so I decided to use another way to specify the node & npm versions by adding them to package.json file as below:

made a minor update and pushed the new version to azure app service local git repo, and yet I stumble upon another error

I created a new folder called dist under wwwroot so the script should be able to create the issnode.yml file , I thought that's it however I find another error this time in the gulpfile.js syntax.

so the reason this time is node version is used to run the scripts is the same old version so I had to add a new line to deploy.cmd just before the build command line.
and finally, my deployment is successful

and what supposed to be a one minute job turns out to be half an hour job.