In this post I will list the steps needed to synchronize active directory users to SharePoint user profile service

  1. Go to Central administration 
  2. Click on Mange Services on server

  3. Click start for the user profile synchronization service
  4. Enter the credentials for the account will run the service  
  5. Make sure that the service is Started 
  6. Go to Manage service application and click on the user profile service

  7. Go to synchronization section and click on configure synchronization connection
  8. Enter name of the connection and user credentials to connect to the AD 

  9. Test the connection by clicking on populate data 
  10. Save and back to the user profile service application page you can execute a full synchronization 
  11. To check the number of object synchronized go to the server running the user profile synch service and navigate to the path  "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\15.0\Synchronization Service\UIShell"  
  12. Run the miisclient.exe and see the synchronization status