Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The People App- Yet another SharePoint App

Inspired by the Windows  Phone 8 people app Tiles I thought why we don't have a similar SharePoint Hosted app  displays the current user profiles in the same manner.
I googled the JQuery Tile effects until I found the below plugin at the link below :

I chose the fourth example which display 8 different images and keep flipping them in similar manner to Windows Phone People App tiles. The whole app development took around 2 hours or less.

  1. I created a new solution in visual studio called it "People App" Choose SharePoint hosted app and I chose to deploy to my test environment (on Premise) to see how you can configure your own On Premise Environment to develop Apps please follow the guide here
  2. Add new App Part to the newly created app and name it PeopleTile
  3. Copy the metroJS files into Images, Scripts and Content App Folder
  4. Add the references to JS and CSS files to the App Part aspx Page
  5. Create new JS files and name it SearchHost, in this javascript file the app logic will be placed
  6. The app will execute Search queries to the host web and by passing the sourceID=B09A7990-05EA-4AF9-81EF-EDFAB16C4E31 it will limit the search to the People search
  7. Search Sort Expression is set to random value to retrieve random peoples each time the search is executed.
  8. After a successful search query the app will construct the appropriate metrojs markup and place the it in the correct location 
  9. The app will look like below
  10. You can download the app via office Store here
The user profile images will keep flipping ,when the user clicks on a profile image the browser will navigate to the user's mysite Url

App need to be granted single permission so it can execute search on the host web and read from user profile

I will post the full code on MSDN shortly 
Happy SharePointing !

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