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Search a particular List or Document Library

In this post I will explain how to create a search page for a specific list or document library ,using Out of the box components

  1. Create new page  name it "Search Page"

  2. Change the page Layout to Blank Webpart Page
  3. Add Search box webpart and search result webpart
  4. Edit the search result webpart
  5. click on Change query
  6. add PATH:your_documentLibrary_root_folder/* and IsDocument:1 to the query  like in the example I want to retrieve only the documents in the Admin document library in root site collection of web application http://sp:2020

Using these steps you can create custom search page you can add refiners and search navigation webparts as well if you need

Taxonomy Field Auto-complete behavior

In this post I will try to explain how the taxonomy field in SharePoint 2013 auto-completes the terms as you start typing. In order to figure this out enable developer tool and view the asynchronous request triggered as you type in the taxonomy field

An asynchronous call to the Taxonomy Internal service is triggered and try to get the suggestions based on the user input.
by looking at the asynchronous calls the below is the request triggered

 also in the below snapshot is the parameters sent along with the request

To check complete reference of the taxonomy internal service documentation check the link below

It's 2010 version but it's still valid but I wonder why I can't find link to 2013 in  other versions drop down