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Microsoft Teams:Your enterprise bot is here Part I

Yesterday Microsoft Announced "Microsoft Teams" the chat based workspace in Office 365

I've waited for a long time to have an enterprise chat based application that I can connect my sample meeting booking bot which I've created back in April 2016. see my previous office 365 bot post

When I navigated back to my bots page and I immediately found that Microsoft Team channel is already added to the available channels . 
I was thrilled and excited , with  only two mouse clicks I was able to connect my previously built bot to My Microsoft Team desktop application.

You have to have the desktop version installed in order to add the bot as a chat contact. However, you can carry on with the conversation using either desktop app or the web interface.

here is a conversation summary with the same bot 

and here I can see my upcoming meeting which the bot created for me

This is all happened without leaving Microsoft teams app, you can use any bot published in the bot directory or create your own enterprise bot to have a robust experience without the need to switch your context. 

This is just a very basic thing I've tried with simple clicks without changing a single line of code.

Next, I will try to see what user context properties I can capture to enhance my bot functionality

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