As the Office365 product team is keep updating the platform, more and more exciting feature have been introduced to Office365 tenants enables a continuous and rapid development of the platform. One of the newest addition in the latest rollout is the video portal. The video portal allowing the users to share video contents in a channel based structure.

The video portal consists of a hub which you can found @ by replacing #### with your office365 subscription subdomain name. What if you can't find the video portal site collection in your tenant here is the steps you need to make to ensure that you will got the latest updates:
  1. Navigate to the Office365 admin center
  2. Under the Service settings click on updates
  3. Make sure that First release switch is "on"
  4. You can check whether the feature is activated or not by clicking on the app launcher you should see a video link there, in My case I couldn't find video link in the app launcher so I used the video RESTful discover API to get the status of the video portal. Simply navigate to the url 

    and check the value of the boolean field (isVideoPortalEnabled)
  6. if the value is True that means the video portal is ready, so you can navigate to the video hub and start creating channels and upload video contents to these channels

Also you can check office365 settings to ensure that VideoPortal is enabled or not.

By default , the channel allows everyone apart from the external users to upload and view video contents. The channel admin can change that also can add specific people/groups to co-admin the channel.

if we dig deeper,the video channel is in fact a SharePoint site which contains one video asset library and channel setting list. The video library will have a new content type called "Cloud Video" which will be encoded to be streamed via Azure media service.

Despite the fact that , the video portal is an awesome feature but somehow it's incomplete as the hub interface does not allow users to tag the video content. The alternative way of tagging the video is by navigating to the video channel site and open the video asset library and edit the item using the OTB list item edit properties interface.