Recently Microsoft has announced the Office365 unified APIs in its new form "Microsoft Graph" Microsoft Graph currently have two different versions of the APIs v1.0 and BETA version.  Today I will try to walk you through a quick overview and a quick way to try out the new Unified APIs
for more information regarding Microsoft Graph go to

By looking at to the OfficeDev github account, you can find many comprehensive examples along with very detailed walk-through. Today I'll focus on the Angular connect  The sample has a complete walk-through on how to setup and run the sample here.

What I did is simply forked then cloned the repo then I changed the UI little bit to give the user the ability to try different operations and see how the response will look like.

I've used json-formatter to display the response data in a friendly json format. json formatter can be added using bower command below:

just a minor change to the server.js file to serve assests in bower_components/json-formatter/dist folder

So we can add the Css and JavaScript as below

Now when you run the sample you can try out every single Graph API end point.

*Note: by default the sample is using a mutli-tenant azure AD app but you can create your own app and update the client Id when connecting to Office365 also
make sure that your app permission is allowing the operation you are trying through the console

this sample is available @