Almost couple of months ago I published a complete three part walk-through:
Part I (http://www.sharepointtweaks.com/2016/04/officedev-introducing-office365-bot.html)
PartII (http://www.sharepointtweaks.com/2016/05/officedev-introducing-office365-bot.html)
Part III (http://www.sharepointtweaks.com/2016/05/officedev-introducing-office365-botpart3.html))

The walk-through focused on building an office assistant bot using Luis.ai and botframework. However,  last weekend I received an announcement email introducing the newer version of botframework (v3), so I decided to migrate my existing Office assistant bot from the old v1 botframework to v3.

I've published a new branch to my git repository which includes a working version 3 of the same very basic meeting booking bot

you can have a look at